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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Hudson Valley Rail Trail?

The 7.1 mile, the Hudson Valley Rail Trail begins on North Putt Corners Rd New Paltz and ends at the gateway entrance to the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park in the Town of Lloyd (Highland, NY).

How long is the Hudson Valley Rail Trail?

7.1 Miles. For Map, CLICK HERE.

What type
of surface
do these trails have and what types of users are allowed?

The Rail Trail is a paved surface the entire length. The trail is designed to be used by all non-motorized users.

How do these trails deal

with road crossings?

A variety of options are used on these rail trail systems, from simple signage and striping, to pedestrian warning signs, to grade-separated crossings (bridges) and tunnels. The type of crossing proposed at any particular road was determined on a case by case basis, based on the available sight distances, volume and speed of traffic, grades of the trail approaches and an analysis of available gaps in traffic.

Are e-bikes allowed on the Rail Trails?

Currently, e-bikes are not allowed on the Rail Trail. For Bike Safety Rules, CLICK HERE.

What type’s amenities are found on the Rail Trail?

The Rail Trail offers benches, static educational displays, and public restrooms at Rotary Pavilion trailhead. Ample parking at various trail heads.

Does the rail trail park close?

The Rail Trail can be used from sunrise to sunset. The rail trail is plowed during the winter season along with all trail head access points providing year-round availability. For Sunset times during the year ~ The Walkway Over the Hudson has a Sunset schedule that can be viewed, CLICK HERE.

Who maintains the rail trail?

Together, both the Town of Lloyd Department of Public Works and Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association maintain the rail trails.

How do I arrange an event or find out about events?

We have amazing events that happen during the year. Check out our events section of the website. CLICK HERE. If you would like to host an event on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail or need parking lot use (HAVILAND ROAD) - you must fill out the special use application and permit. Then the paperwork, insurance and event fee must be submitted. Once that is complete your event and parking lot use is available. CLICK HERE for more information.

How can I help the Hudson Valley Rail Trail?

We are blessed to have this amazing Trail ~ but it does take a village to make things happen. Way to help and give? 1. Become a member ~ for information, CLICK HERE.

2. VOLUNTEER - help clean the trail, garden or even help at an event, CLICK HERE. 3. Become a sponsor of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, CLICK HERE. 4. Spread the word about all the opportunities available, CLICK HERE for our social page links. 5. Know of a GRANT OPPORTUNITY ~ let us know by clicking the word GRANT OPPORTUNITY. 6. SHOP - we have some amazing products for you. And last, but not least 6. DONATE - there are many ways to donate to assist the Hudson Valley Rail Trail to be be available to the community for years to come. Just click the word donate - and learn about more opportunities.

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