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Hudson Valley Rail Trail Grants

What Is a Government Grant?

A government grant is a financial award given by a federal, state or local government authority for a beneficial project. It is effectively a transfer payment

Grants may also support critical recovery initiatives, agricultural projects, and innovative research in all sorts of fields. Here is the Hudson Valley Rail Trail grants awarded. 

If you know of a Foundation or Grant - that we should reach out to please free to email us at



In 1997, the Greenway Conservancy awarded the Hudson Valley Rail Trail a grant of $3,000 to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association for the initial planning efforts for the Rail Trail.


1997- 2021 GRANT AWARDS

1997 - The Greenway Conservancy Grant awarded - $3,000.

1999 - Fiber Optics Grant awarded $400,000.00

2003 - Highland Rotary Club supports the Rotary Pavilion at 101 New Paltz Road.

2003 - Highland Rotary Club - Exercise Station - $32,000 grant awarded.

2004 - Richard King donated funds for signage at the Highland Rotary Park Pavilion

2005 - Hudson Valley Greenway grants a Visions In Planning Award
to complete the Western portion of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail.

2005 - A gift of land from Don “Sandy” Williams of the Williams Lumber Company.

2005 (October 5th) -  The Highland Rotary Club Centennial Garden opened (Special plantings in memory of Susan Rozman/Susan D. Rozman  Memorial Neighborhood Garden Fund and the Roz Rozman/Rozman Foundation) in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Highland Rotary Club.

2005 (October 5th) - benches for the garden donated by the Cerniglia Family and the Highland Girl Scouts (in memory of the Cerniglia children - Nicole and Joey Cerniglia). Donations included from Steve and Laura Auerbach/Auerbach Family Chiropractor 

2006 (Summer) - The Town of Lloyd EEC purchased the interpretive sign on the Rail Trail. 

2006 (Summer) - Hudson River Estuary Grant of $20,000 for
Observation Deck and Interpertive signage between creek and the Rail Trail

2006 - Ulster County Transportation $70,000 Grant awarded 

2006 - Ulster County Transportation $810,000 Grant awarded

2006 - Ulster County Transportaion Grant $1.93 Million Grant Expansion

2006 - Highland Rotary Funding awarded to pave Highland Rotary Park Parking Lot.

2007 - Centennial Fitness Park Funding - Highland Rotary Club

2007 (Spring) - Department of Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP)  $1,930,000.00 awarded. Completion of the  Hudson Valley Rail Trail rom Tony Williams Field westward to Route 299. 

2007 (Summer) - Ulster MPO awards $802,000 to expand east to Mile Hill Road

Expansion of the HVRT east to Mile Hill Road

2009 (Spring) - Parks and Trails New York Grant of $2,240

Redevelopment of  Website to increase membership and provide awareness.

2011 (Spring) - Western Expansion Matching Grant New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the Federal Highway Adminstration 3.6 Million

2016 (January) - Phase Four - To South Street $2,000,000 grant awarded

2016 - Match Funding to assist grant award - $380,000 match were: Scenic Hudson ($100,000) and NYS Assemblyman Frank Skartados ($50,000). 

2019-2020 - Completion of the NYS Empire State Trail $196,000 grant

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