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Hudson Valley Rail Trail Awards & Ribbon Cuttings.

A Timeline of HVRT's 2018 to 2020 Accomplishments

2018 (November 13)

Ribbon Cutting Tony Williams Park


2018 - New York State’s Department

of Transportation Grant to make the

connection complete to the Empire Rail Trail connection to New Paltz. will pay for the connection as part of the Empire

State Trail system. 


2018 (August) - New York State Department

of Transportation $195,000 Grant 


2018 - Moved the Highland Rotary

Centennial Garden - Apartment

Construction Company assisted.


2019 (August) - Hudson Valley Rail Trail

Gateway Dedication with an honoring

to Ray & Claire Costantino


2019 - 2020 - Completion of

the New York State Empire State Trail


1997- Hudson Valley Rail Trail becomes a part of the Greenway Trails and

was officially designated as a “Greenway Trail”

2007 (June 10) -  “Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony” celebrating the official

opening of the Highland Rotary Pavilion at the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Depot on the

Hudson Valley Rail Trail.

2009 (October 3) - Walkway Over the Hudson Grand Opening Celebration


2010 (June 27) - The Bob Shepherd Highland Landing Park Ribbon Cutting and Celebration


2010 (October 16) - The Walkway Loop Trail Ribbon Cutting and Celebration


2010 (May 4) - Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Ground Breaking of the Expansion


2010 (October 2) - Eastward Expansion Ribbon Cutting and Celebration


2011 (Spring) - Western Expansion Matching Grant New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the Federal Highway Adminstration


Segment A: Along Rt. 299 Looking East;  Segment B: On Old Rail Bed Berm

Segment C: Bridge Near Waterfall; Segment C: Near New Paltz Rd. Bridge

Segment C: Link to Existing Rail Trail

2010 (October) - Voted Best No-Cost Alternative to Going to the Gym - Hudson Valley Rail Trail

Learn to Run Program


2011 - Hudson River Valley Greenway Land and Water Trails 2011 Heart of Green Award 


2011 (January) - Voted as the second most popular place to bike from the Middletown

Time’s Herald Record’s Go Section


2011 - Adventure Cycling Association adds the Hudson Valley Rail Trail

as part of the Atlantic Coast Route Map


2012 (August) -participated in Parks & Trails 2012 NYS Trail User Count

During the four count periods, we documented 1,858 rail trail users.

Approximately 60% of the users used the Rail Trail to access Walkway. Approximate 40% of the users

accessed the Hudson Valley Rail Trail or were already on the trail coming from other locations.

That equates to 232 users each hour with 40% or 93 users accessing or using the

Hudson Valley Rail Trail to walk, jog, run, cycle, in line skate or to bring young

children or physically challenged individuals to enjoy our trail.


2013 (Winter) - Highland Rotary Rock is completed

2016 Ulster County's Certificate Appreciation for Helathy Ulster County Week.


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